Stargazing was an ancient art practiced over many cultures including the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Mayans, the Hindus and the Chinese.  Civilizations rose and fell according to the stars.  

When an individual is born, a Natal Chart can be constructed.  It is a picture of the heavens at the moment of your birth.  Studying this chart will help you navigate your life with greater understanding and clarity.   Because astrology reads energy, by watching the movement of the planets and the stars we can feel the influence of these heavenly bodies on our personal lives.  

Understand the higher purpose of your life and relationships.   Learn how to recognize a deep connection, or how to move through challenging times.   See where your divine strengths are, and what you are working on in this life.  Every relationship that we have is a journey through our Natal Chart.  The unfolding of growth and energy is really miraculous to watch.  If we are mindful and aware, we can make this journey with grace and compassion.  

It is my hope that I can inspire you to take this astrological journey with me so that you can experience the wonder, the potential, the fascination, the endless knowledge and teachings of this ancient art.   Let me tell you the story of your Natal Chart.  Be aligned with the Rhythm of the Stars.  

For those clients who are interested, I combine Astrology with Kundalini Yoga.   If you read the page on Kundalini Yoga you will have more of an idea of what that offers.   The shifting of energy that often needs to take place, as revealed in the astrology chart, can be accomplished more easily with the help of the transformational meditations and exercises of Kundalini Yoga.   What I have learned and experienced with the help of these two disciplines has been invaluable. 

I also use Tarot and Tantric Numerology for further evaluation or additional questions. 

Types of readings available:

2022 SPECIAL - "in The Moment" Astrology Readings  - Readings focused on the current cosmic influences on your natal chart, targeting the most relevant information you need to know now.  

2022 SPECIAL - Astrology-Tarot reading.  These are tarot readings wherein each card represents one of the 12 houses of the zodiac, providing insight into your present journey as it relates to all 12 areas of life.  Very revealing.  

Natal Chart reading (Including Solar Return, Transits, Progressions) - Try to get exact birth time, preferably from birth certificate. 
Solar Return reading (Including Transits and Lunar Returns)
Follow Up sessions for updates
Chart Comparison (Including Synastry and Composite Chart)

Family Constellations which is an astrological study of the relationships between members of a family and how to understand each other in a new and profound way.  This is particularly useful during COVID when we are spending much more time together, often in close quarters. 
Astrology reading with Kundalini Yoga Meditation and/or Exercises

Horary Astrology (Timing of Events)

Tarot Readings

Pendulum Readings 


Also available for workshops, events, parties! 

Sessions are via Zoom, Skype or Phone.   No in person sessions available. 

Please call or write for further information and cost: